How to Remove FindYourMaps from Your Browser

“Hi there. Just the other day I downloaded and installed a new Chrome extension named FindYourMaps on my browser. I was hoping it could help me explore new destinations and identify the optimal route for me. But eventually it turns out that it is useless and it takes up too much resource. I could not uninstall this program from Control Panel. How can I remove it from my browser for good?” Continue Reading “How to Remove FindYourMaps from Your Browser”


How to Get Rid of Shopsafer Completely

Tortured by a bunch of pop-up ads from Shopsafer?
Sick of seeing bothersome pop-ups, coupons, and discounts?
Don’t know for sure that any virus is actually the problem or not?
Don’t worry! We will show you how to get rid of Shopsafer from your computer in this post.

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Removal Instructions for Safer-Surfer Adware

Hi there. My family shares the same desktop computer. In thought of preventing my son from visiting improper websites, I downloaded a program called Safer-Surf which said it could block unwanted websites and enable users to manage their surfing, but now I can’t even open a normal page. My screen is full of pop-up ads and that is really annoying! How can I address this issue?

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